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My Private Psychedelic Reel

The Latest Chapter

11 March
Artistic soul looking for a home and a happy career, preferably in something writing related. The main goals I wish to achieve from getting on board LJ is to communicate better with existing friends, make some new ones and gain a little self-discipline. Time will tell on that one...

I like a few sports - a keen Spurs (footy) fan for as long as I can remember, recently started paying a little attention to the cricket, a bit of rugby and whatever else is having a World Cup this month.
Returned to LARPing in the last couple of years, 'cos this is where the world keeps my best friends, and when I can't create of my own accord, provides that extra little push.

I'm very passionate about a broad stretch of music, though a talent for making it was never a gift I was blessed with. Although I like to think I can sing a little.

I also have a thing for cars. They don't HAVE to be fast or expensive, but I can get going for hours on that particular subject. But then, I love pretty much any form of transport with an engine really.